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Custom Shirts

In our early days, all of our shirts were made to measure. Working from a small studio in Seattle, we took measurements, cut and meticulously constructed each and every shirt, one at a time. Even though we now offer more affordable, off-the-rack products, we continue to make one of a kind, unique products for customers who desire this experience. 

This experience comes in two tiers:

For customers desiring small fit changes, custom fabrics and personal details, pricing ranges between $128 and $178 depending on fabric origin and style choices. Turn around time is generally 3-4 weeks.

For customers desiring a more bespoke experience, we offer the development of a specific pattern, which will be kept in our pattern archive. Customers should generally expect between two and three fittings after an initial consultation. This experience results in a tailor-made shirt, which can be ordered from any fabric at any point in time. This services requires an initial order of 5 shirts in addition to a consultation and development cost. 

If interested in either service, please contact us by phone at (206) 992-5687 or via email at store@tarbooinc.com.


Product Development

In addition to our product line, we also offer garment development and consultation to individuals and companies that align with our capabilities and ethos. We strive to partner with clients who possess unique, and market-worthy ideas. Our goal is to enter into projects with a clear trajectory, meticulous execution and a well-defined end goal. To assist our clients we offer these services as a package:

  • Production Consultation
  • Product Development
  • Pattern Making
  • Sample Making/Initial Prototyping
  • Grading Services
  • Sourcing
  • Sales Person Samples
  • Small Lot Production
  • Scalable Production Modelling
  • Production Management
  • Trend Forecasting and Brand Development

If our services are of interest to you, please reach out to us via phone at (206) 992-5687 or by email at store@tarbooinc.com.

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