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In 2008 I had the pleasure of switching jobs from designing textiles for a menswear startup to working as a sample-hand in a small, family-run garment factory in New York City's Garment District. I worked with 30 other cutters, sewers and pattern makers to produce samples and production pieces for some of America's leading brands.

After 18 months or so, I began to form the idea for a company built around the construction and craft of clothing production. Never being one for placing the craft in some far-off location, I wanted to bring the physical aspects of production to the forefront. While working in the Garment District, designers would constantly be coming into the factory to check in on production. I realized this experience of seeing sewing machines whir, and talking to the operators was invaluable in understanding where and how our clothing is made. I was immediately drawn to this experience, and knew that end consumers would appreciate having a direct relationship to the hands behind the craft. So I began producing pieces during my nights and evenings at the factory. As soon as I wore the pieces out, friends were ecstatic. So I decided to begin producing enough pieces to share the excitement.

My first "sale" was a beautiful, short-sleeve mens button up exchanged for a round of beers at 2AM on a Thursday night at The Lakeside Lounge in Manhattan's East Village. From that moment on, I knew I had an idea I could expand upon.

The idea for button-ups came when I started thinking about my hometown Seattle. Around the time I begin exchanging clothing for fun nights out, I started feeling the itch to move from NYC back to my home state of Washington. Fashion and style in Seattle, WA, historically, hasn't been on the front lines of any major movement. However, since the Nirvana and Pearl Jam days, our humble state has been recognized for a penchant for oversized plaid shirts. With this knowledge, I knew my first major product: better fitting plaid shirts.

So I moved back to Seattle, picked up a couple sewing machines and decided to name the company after a small bay tucked away in the Hood Canal where we've had a family house for years. It just so happens Tarboo Bay is the last state-protected estuary in the Puget Sound as well.

With this, Tarboo, Inc was formed and, since our founding in 2010, we've produced countless button up plaids, as well as other, great-fitting mens shirts. We've began expanding the line into accessories and other aspects of mens and, more recently, women's wardrobes.

So please, check in frequently for new and updates.


Matt Noren

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